design elements

twenty rules for making good design :
1. have a concept
2. communicate-don’t decorate
3. speak with one visual voice
4. use two typeface families maximum. OK, maybe three
5. use the one-two punch
6. pick colors on purpose
7. if you can do it less, then do it
8. negative space is magical-create it, don’t just fill it up
9. treat the type as image, as though it’s just as important
10. type is only type when it’s friendly
11. be
universal; remember that it’s not about you
12. squish and separate
13. distribute
light and dark like firecrackers and the rising sun
14. be decisive. do it on purpose-or don’t do it at all
15. measure with your eyes: design is visual
16. create images-don’t scavenge
17. ignore fashion. seriously
18. move it! static equal dull
19. look to history, but don’t repeat it
20. symmetry is the ultimate evil
(ok,that only the beginning. if i have time, we discuss it later)


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